Scandi kitchen ideas to transform your space Scandinavian style

Scandi kitchen ideas to transform your space Scandinavian style

A soothing colour palette, clean lines and surprisingly flattering lighting are just a few of the things that have made Scandi style kitchens a hit. If you’ve caught the Nordic interior design bug, we’ve round up our favourite Scandi kitchen ideas to inspire you.

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Scandinavian design is characterised by its clean lines, simplicity and minimalism. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that minimal means cold. Thanks to clever lighting and the use of wood and other natural material, Scandinavian style rooms are filled with warmth, which has helped fuel their popularity.

What is a Scandinavian kitchen?

‘Traditional Scandinavian design is characterised by functionality, clean lines and minimalism,’ explains Hayley Simmons, Head of Merchandising for Magnet. ‘To design a Scandinavian inspired kitchen, is to create a space that is practical, but at no cost to style and aesthetic.

Layout is an important part of any Scandi style kitchen. To stick with the Scandinavian design movement aim for an open plan kitchen with plenty of space for the family to gather.

If you only have a small kitchen to work with, you can still replicate this effect by introducing other elements of Scandinavian design, such as a muted colour palette and clever storage solutions to make the space feel bright and organised.

Scandi-inspired kitchens tend to be very minimal, focusing on a muted colour palette of white, grey pale pink and blues. ‘In the kitchen you should look to work with muted tones and monochromatic schemes for units,’ says Hayley. ‘Matte finishes in particular lend themselves well to this style, as they tend to be more understated than the high-gloss finishes.’

The final touch is lighting. ‘Throughout the winter months, the days in the northern hemisphere are extremely short, with only a few hours of daylight,’ explains Darren Watts, Wren Kitchens Showroom and Design Director. ‘Unsurprisingly, the use of light is very important in Nordic design, with many interiors focusing on creating bright, well-lit spaces.’

Opt for pendant lights over a kitchen island to cast a cosy glow over the entire kitchen. In small kitchens, cleverly placed lights on shelves will also work a treat.

Scandi kitchen ideas

1. Stick to a white colour palette

Image credit: David Giles

You can’t go wrong with white-washed walls and cabinets when creating your own Scandi-style kitchen. ‘For Scandinavian kitchen interiors, a cool light colour palette is advised to create a sense of purity and calmness,’ says Darren. This makes it perfect for making the most out of small kitchens. Add warmth to the space by pair the white with wooden and copper accents.

In a small kitchen, space is at a premium so make the most of every inch with open shelves for everyday items above the sink, as seen in this kitchen.

2. Cast a warm glow with pendant lighting

scandi kitchen ideas 11

Image credit: Colin Poole

Light is incredibly important in Nordic design, due to the long dark winter days. Scandinavians tend to create pools of light with low hanging pendant lights. Be playful with your choice of pendant light with a slick design or splash of colour like these lovely pale turquoise shades. They will be at eye level, after all. Muted blues and greens are oh-so Scandi.

3. Make space for a dinner table

Scandi kitchen ideas 1

Image credit: Ti-Media

Gathering together for meals as a family is incredibly important in Scandinavian culture. Make space for a dinning table or breakfast bar to ensure the kitchen is the heart of the home.

A dining area is also a great space to add warmth through texture and colour. Opt for a wooden table, soft furnishings and fresh flowers to add depth to an open-plan kitchen.

4. Display items you use everyday

scandi kitchen ideas 10

Image credit: Colin Poole

Nordic countries are famous for their minimalistic and streamlined style. However, this couldn’t be achieved without a few clever storage solutions. Keep worktops clear with shelves and hanging racks. Shelves are a great way to store items that you use everyday like crockery, or tea and coffee caddies. Hang mugs and chopping boards from a rail for easy access when you need them.

5. Add authenticty with wood finishes

scandi kitchen ideas 4

Image credit: David Giles

Wood finishes are a key part of creating an authentic Scandinavian kitchen. However, wood isn’t just for floors and worktops. Opt for wood or wood effect cabinet doors to showcase the natural material.

‘Look to light coloured wood like beech or ash for flooring, dining tables or worktops if budget allows,’ suggests Hayley. ‘Avoid stained or varnished woods for countertops as the raw, natural, untreated looks is much more in keeping with Scandinavian style.’

6.Hide clutter in floor to ceiling cabinets

scandi kitchen ideas 2

Image credit: Ti-Media

Floor-to-ceiling cabinets are a genius way of hiding clutter that can gather on kitchen counters. Invest in a cabinet with space to hide a microwave, kettle, coffee machine and other gadgets that clutter up worktops. Some cabinets have hidden worktops in that you can set up as a breakfast station.

You simply open them up when morning rolls around and close them behind you as you dash out on the school run.

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7. Try two tone cabinets for a designer look

scandi kitchen 5

Image credit: Ti-Media

While most Scandinavian design relies on a muted colour palette, don’t be afraid to add personality with a splash of colour. ‘If colour is a must in your home, look to pale greys, pinks or blues but use these sparingly for maximum impact,’ advises Hayley.

Stick to a simple colour palette that highlights the design like in this kitchen. The two-tone cabinets emphasise the clean lines rather than detracting from it.

8. Add warmth with metallic accents

Scandi kitchen ideas 6

Image credit: David Giles

Metallic accents – especially copper – will add warmth to a minimal white colour scheme. When working with a limited colour scheme play with textures, shapes and finishes.

Here the hexagon tiles, copper rail and marble accessories come together to create a fuss-free kitchen that is full of depth and warmth.

9. Accessorise with house plants

scandi kitchen ideas 7

Image credit: David Giles

House plants and potted herbs are another great way to soften the functionality of the space. ‘Don’t be afraid to accessorise with textured placemats, wall hangings or rugs in the kitchen,’ says Hayley. ‘Complete the look with some fresh flowers, houseplants or potted herbs for another nod to nature that’s typical of Scandinavian style.’

10. Pair statement flooring with white walls

Scandi kitchen ideas 8

Image credit: David Giles

Sticking to a neutral colour scheme doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the design. Opt for playful geometric flooring like in this kitchen. The bold zigzag pattern is made up of sleek clean lines featuring the Scandi style dream team  – white and wood. However, if is also bursting with personality.

Nordic design might be neutral and minimal, but it is important that you find away to stamp your personality on the space.

How do you style a Scandi kitchen?

‘When styling the kitchen, less is more,’ says Hayley. ‘Keep countertops decluttered and let textures and textiles do the talking to really embrace the minimalist way of life.’

Hayley suggests opting styling a kitchen with simple and natural objects like fresh flowers, textured placemats, wall hangings and houseplants. A mug hanger attached to the wall is another great way to add a touch of personality to the kitchen. Try Denby Pottery, if you fancy investing in some beautiful new mugs in muted colours.

Just be careful not to go overboard, the beauty of a Scandinavian design is it’s simplicity’s you don’t want to overwhelm the kitchen with clutter.

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Have you been inspired by these Scandi kitchen ideas?

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