Stackable Storage Box by MOEBE

Stackable Storage Box by MOEBE

Dezeen Showroom: Danish studio MOEBE has designed Storage Box, a minimal and flat-packed wooden storage unit that can be stacked or flipped.

MOEBE founders, architects Martin de Neergaard Christensen, Nicholas Oldroyd and cabinet maker Anders Thams, came up with the concept after experiencing problems with storage in their own homes.

“All three of us have kids, and living in apartments we also know that space is limited and storage is a luxury,” Thams explained. “So we wanted to design a storage box which is both practical and that can fit into the interior in our own homes.”

Stackable Storage Box by Moebe
Above: a number of the Storage Box can be stacked on top of one another. Top: the design is intended for everyday items

The Storage Box, which measures 60 centimetres long, 31 centimetres wide and 32 centimetres tall, can be filled with items like clothes, magazines and toys, and then stacked on top of others.

It can also be flipped onto its shorter side and used as a small table as well as for storage.

Each box arrives flat-packed with five oak wood components and two square black-steel frames that lock into indents in the wood and secures the box – these also form handles for carrying the box once it is built.

Storage Box by Moebe as a bedside table
Flipped on its side, Storage Box forms a bedside table

Because the box is designed in components customers are able to replace them individually if they become damaged.

“We think in components not only as a design element but because we care about the full life cycle of our products,” said De Neergaard. “Should you be so unlucky that your box breaks you can easily repair it by replacing just the broken part, no need to replace the whole product,” he continued.

Product: Storage Box
Designer: MOEBE
Brand: MOEBE
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