Stylist's tips to create the perfect party background for Zoom Christmas celebrations

Stylist's tips to create the perfect party background for Zoom Christmas celebrations

Christmas party season is here, but it’s going to feel anything but normal this year. As we move to digital platforms for festive parties our thoughts turn to creating the perfect party background for Zoom. And who better to help than Benji Lewis, interior designer and founder of Zoom that Room.

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‘Whilst you clearly want to demonstrate to those with whom you Zoom over the festive period that you’re relaxed and having a good time, I would advise nevertheless that you carry out an edit on what appears behind you during the calls,’ says Benji.

‘You want to appear box fresh and in control so consider the colours you showcase yourself against and tidy away any unnecessary clutter. I know it’s Christmas but nobody wants to look like they have tinsel growing out of their ears so be mindful of how and where you position yourself against your backdrop.’

Create a perfect party backgrounds for Zoom

1. Add pattern

Image credit: Neil Mersh

‘A patterned backdrop can be a very effective way of conveying a more animated, homely message. Consider setting yourself up in front of an oversized piece of artwork or a wallpaper with a pastoral scene’.

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2. Create ambience with candle light

candle light

Image credit: Dan Duchars

‘Candle light is the go-to way of indicating that the mood is calm and happy. It’s Christmas so if you want to look like you’re performing the victory song on X Factor, knock yourself out and light as many as you wish’ says Benji humorously.

‘For the more restrained, a random gathering of candles is delightful. Set at differing heights or perhaps for the more orderly set these in a straight line on the mantelpiece.’

3. Party in front of the tree

Christmas tree with blue baubles

Image credit: Brent Darby

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree is clearly going to be a winning festive look, but why not consider incorporating a citrus tree too – a lemon tree coming into blossom is so charming, it’s going to be a talking point, it conveys a positive message of life, and the flowering buds will give your room the most heavenly natural scent.

4. Set the scene with colour

pink living room with green sofa

Image credit: Colin Poole

‘In terms of colours, people look good against pink, it’s warm, soft and party-tastic. Avoid a stark white backdrop, you will likely look like you’re at work in a laboratory or under arrest. Softer shades of white are good, or look for shades of tan and grey’ Benji suggests.

‘For the more daring go for a strong coloured backdrop but ensure that your lighting is good enough so people can see you.’

5. Use lighting wisely

lighting party backgrounds for Zoom

Image credit: Oliver Gordon

‘When it comes to lighting, remember that this is holiday time, sitting under the glare of an undimmed overhead pendant will make you look like the Christmas turkey caught in the beam of Santa’s sleigh lights’ Benji ays in jest. ‘I would leave any overhead lighting for the washing up part of the proceedings, it’s useful but not ambient.’

‘Side lighting is likely to offer a more friendly side to you. But be prepared to dim, light bulbs can glare terribly – so look for warm white LED bulbs for your lamps.’

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House parties have never looked so good.

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