The 5 trending house plants you need in your home for spring

The 5 trending house plants you need in your home for spring

Whether you’re a leafy plant lover, a cacti collector or a succulent addict, it’s safe to say that plants have become the interior accessory. If you are keen to update your collection these are the 5 trending house plants this spring.

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We’ve seen social media accounts dedicated to our leafy friends, with particular varieties proving more popular than others. Research by Blooming Artificial into the top 10 trending plants, for example, has revealed that online searches for the Monstera plant have skyrocketed 422% in the past two years and 117% in just the last month. On Instagram alone #monstera has now generated over 2.2 million posts!

‘Filling our homes and gardens with plants and flowers is the best way to keep things looking on-trend, while also helping to boost our mood and productivity,’ says Alick Burnett from faux experts Blooming Artificial. ‘Luckily, new variations are always rising in popularity, such as leafy ZZ plants and dainty wildflowers, in order to suit evolving interior styles.’

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So, what plants should we be looking to invest in to refresh our homes in time for summer? ‘You can expect to see a continued interest in exotic plants and living walls in time for the easing of lockdown restrictions,’ says Alice.

‘These plants help create a unique focal point in our homes without being overbearing, making them perfect for small spaces.’

Not the best at keeping plants alive? Invest in some good artificial varieties instead, like these ones below, and you can enjoy their look without the maintenance – plus they’ll last longer, too. Here’s Blooming Artificial’s top five trending plants…

Top 5 trending house plants for spring


Image credit: Blooming Artificial

Taking the top spot is the Monstera, which can grow up to 65ft tall! Luckily, this faux version will stay neatly at this size.

Buy now: Artificial Monstera, £19, Blooming Artificial

2. Begonia Maculata

Image credit: Blooming Artificial

In at number two spot is the Begonia Maculata, with its pretty spotted leaves and scarlet undersides.

Buy now: Artificial Begonia Maculata, £14, Blooming Artificial

3. Alocasia

Image credit: Blooming Artificial

The Alocasia is rumoured to be the magical plant featured in the fairy tale ‘Jack and the beanstalk’ and took off as a houseplant in the 1950s.

Buy now: Artificial Alocasia, £40, Blooming Artificial

4. ZZ plant

Image credit: Blooming Artificial

In fourth place, the ZZ plant (also known as the Zanzibar Gem) is a striking tropical plant native to Zanzibar, Kenya and Eastern Africa.

Buy now: Artificial ZZ plant, £36, Blooming Artificial

5. Money plant

Looking for some extra luck? The Chinese money plant takes fifth spot and is thought to encourage wealth and good fortune.

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Other trending varieties include the creeping fig, fiddle-leaf fig, hydrangeas and meadow flowers, as well as living walls. So, the question is, which of these stylish houseplants would most suit your home?

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