The Beginners Guide To  (From Step 1)

The Beginners Guide To (From Step 1)

Importance of Liturgy

Liturgy in the Catholic Church is the proclamation of the gospel and the celebration of the holy mass. It also means divine worship and participation of charity activities with others. Liturgy involves all the sacraments including the Holy Eucharist as well as other celebrations in the church. This religious phenomenon helps people participate in the sacred activities e.g. worship, repentance, and praise. Through these holy hours, Christians get to establish a relationship with their divine creator. The following are the importance of liturgy.

The first’s importance of liturgy is that it helps in discipleship. Liturgy is used by priests to teach people what God has done and who he is. We all know that God is the Supreme Being to everyone. Acts like confessions which are also part of liturgy help us in being closer to God. Confession, in this case, helps people in reflecting their inners truth. However, liturgy also teaches Christians on the atonement of Jesus Christ. Through songs and reading, we get to understand the sovereignty of God and the Holy Spirit as well. Therefore, liturgy in large teaches on discipleship.

Secondly, liturgy helps in explaining the gospel story to people. The church has explained the gospel story for many decades. This gospel story could not have been told to people properly without the help of the liturgy. It’s through the liturgy that people get to understand every part of salvation and what Christ expects from us. The gospel story explains about the fall of man, restoration, and also creation. Trough the liturgy, most people get a clear understanding of the journey from the beginning of creation to the end.

Another importance of liturgy is that it helps people plan intentionally. Even the simplest liturgy will give you a purpose. It’s important for a person to choose at least one structure of the liturgy and let it guide you through the way. Liturgy helps in planning intentionally hence make you have a purpose. It ensures that a person has some basis in something and that you not just there without a purpose. Through the preaching every week, one is able to live according to the scriptures. Therefore, the liturgy guides people in doing what God expects us to do and not following your mind.

Liturgy is important since it makes the greatest prayer we can offer to God. Celebration of mass as a catholic is very important since it’s like offering a prayer. Through the liturgy of the mass, the congregation, as well as the priest, is able to offer their supplications to God the father. God, in this case, answers the prayers of his believers. This way, we get to learn that he is always listening to our cries whenever we call upon him.

Lastly, liturgy is important because it’s what unites us with our creator. It’s through the songs and worship that we acknowledge the presence of God. The liturgy teaches people about the reason we should trust God in every circumstance. Proclaiming the gospel means that we truly know God is the only one who should be praised. Meditating through the teaching of gospel draws us near to the glory of God which is all that we need to live a holy life.

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