The magic slumber – three ways to get out-of-this-world sleep every night

The magic slumber – three ways to get out-of-this-world sleep every night

What does self care mean to you? Perhaps it’s watching The Crown in a bubble bath with a glass of Chardonnay? Or maybe it’s a brisk country walk armed with flask of tea and your favourite tunes on repeat. It could even be settling down with a big jigsaw puzzle and an even bigger box of chocolates.

But one thing it should mean for all of us is a good night’s sleep. Sleeping better, deeper and longer is something we should all aspire to, setting us up for the day ahead like nothing else can. And it needn’t be a pipe dream. With three essential ingredients, you can enjoy the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had. Every night.

1. A space-age mattress

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If you’re looking to improve your chances of good sleep, your first port of call should be your mattress. All too often the surface we sleep on is an afterthought, which is strange, considering how much of our lives we spend in bed. Yet a bad mattress doesn’t just spell a restless night and a groggy morning. It can trigger allergies and aches and pains.

A good mattress, on the other hand, can be truly transformative – boosting mood and productivity, and reducing aches and pains, allergy symptoms… and even snoring!

You needn’t go to the moon and back to find that perfect mattress either. Not when you can head straight to the only mattress and pillow company in the world officially approved by NASA for improving quality of life.

Born from space, TEMPUR’s mattress material has an origin story as impressive as any superhero. It begins in the 1970s, when NASA scientists invent a new ‘memory foam’ substance to absorb the G-forces inflicted on astronauts during space flight.

TEMPUR® then takes this special material, and by 1991 develops it into the world’s first memory foam mattress and pillow. To this day, the formula for TEMPUR’s mattresses has remained a secret – and truly unique.

What we can tell you is that your body is supported by literally billions of fluid and spring-like ‘viscoelastic’ cells. These cells respond to the shape, warmth and weight of your body, keeping you cool, comfortable and supported all night long.

What’s more, in the 60 hours it takes to create a single TEMPUR® mattress, up to 67 different quality checks are carried out. Even if the mattress passes every single one, if the TEMPUR® team isn’t totally happy, the mattress will still be rejected. Because why should you lose sleep worrying that your mattress isn’t the very best?

2. Soothing surroundings


Image credit: TEMPUR®

Now we’ve addressed the importance of your mattress, let’s turn to your surroundings, starting with your walls. In a bedroom, it’s a good idea to pick a base of soft green or pink.

According to colour expert and friend of Ideal Home Karen Haller, ‘our eyes need to make very little adjustment to see green, which is why we find it restful’, while pink is ‘physically soothing’, and ‘shows nurture, care and compassion’. One colour to avoid at all costs is yellow, which triggers our fight or flight instincts, leaving us anxious and irritable rather than rested and relaxed.

Scent can be another powerful aid to good sleep, particularly lavender. Studies* show that lavender can reduce our heart rate, lower blood pressure and relax our muscles, setting us up for rest more effectively.

Other aromas that can help reduce anxiety and tension and promote deeper slumber include jasmine, vanilla, rose and chamomile.

Burn a candle in a mix of these scents, filling your bedroom with fragrance – or, better still, pick a diffuser so you won’t have to remember to extinguish a flame.

Or mix up your own pillow mist, to spray on your pillow (more on that in a moment), around 15 minutes before you plan to go to bed. Take 80ml of distilled (boiled) water and add around 30-40 drops of your favourite oils – 30 drops of lavender oil to 5 drops of eucalyptus is a popular combination.

Finally, take your lighting into account… and be wary of late-night box set binges on your phone, tablet or laptop. That’s because these devices can emit a ‘blue light’, which is shown to suppress the production of melatonin – the natural hormone that sends us off to sleep.

Be sure to switch off your devices at least 30 minutes before bed, and use black-out blinds to prevent any natural light sources from disturbing you early in the morning.

3. Bedding that’s bliss


Image credit: TEMPUR®

Is there any better feeling than letting your head sink into your pillow at the end of a busy day? If there is, we haven’t discovered it. But we have found the perfect pillows for the job. They’re made from the same one-of-a-kind memory foam used in TEMPUR® mattresses, and come in a variety of options to suit your sleep needs.

TEMPUR’s Classic pillows will fit perfectly into your favourite pillowcases and come in a soft, medium or firm feel. They’re washable and can be fluffed, puffed and hugged into the perfect shape for you.

Looking for even more support? TEMPUR’s Ergonomic pillows come in three sizes and are specifically shaped for those most comfortable sleeping on their backs, or on their side, with special contours that support and relieve any pressure on the head, neck and shoulders.

To ensure you have found your perfect bed– or should that be head? – fellow, you can take TEMPUR’s 30 night home trial. It won’t cost a penny for delivery, and returns are free, too.

Discover TEMPUR® today

To find out more about what makes TEMPUR® products and TEMPUR® material so special, visit the TEMPUR® website.

Sleep tight…


*According to research by Koulivand, P. et al.

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