The simple hack Katie Piper uses to keep her daughter's playroom tidy

The simple hack Katie Piper uses to keep her daughter's playroom tidy

While you might have resolved to have a tidier home in the New Year, getting your kids to stick to that can be tricky. However, presenter Katie Piper’s organising tip is a genius hack for any parent with young kids.

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Mother to two young girls, Katie knows how tricky it is to keep family spaces and the playroom tidy. While labelling can help keep drawers in order for an adult, if your children are still learning to read it isn’t the best solution. Instead, Katie Piper uses colour coding and picture labels made using her Cricut Joy machine to help organise the playroom.

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‘This is where the Cricut machine is really good because you can make all kinds of labels,’ she explains. ‘We labelled all the different drawers in the playroom. So with my eldest, a conventional labelling machine might have worked, but with my youngest, she needs all the different colours and fonts because she can’t read.’

To help teach her youngest daughter to put things away, Katie creates labels with little logos and pictures on. While Katie admits that her daughter still isn’t the best at tidying away after playtime, she’s getting better.


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‘She’s got a guide,’ explains Katie. ‘It’s also educational because it’s learning her colours. So I say all the puzzles go on the green shelf where the green writing is. She’ll remember that as green.’

‘It complements the work she’s doing at nursery, so I think this has been the really good thing about it all, it’s not been laborious,’ she adds. ‘It’s been a great approach on how to get them to do basic life skills.’

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Katie used a Cricut Joy to create her own custom labels. The clever gadget is label maker of choice for organising experts such as The Home Edit who recently starred on Netflix.

The Cricut Joy is available to buy from Hobbycraft, and Amazon, for £179.99. If you aren’t ready to splash the cash just yet, you can try the system using pre-made stickers.

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Now the kids have no excuse not to put away their toys.

Katie Piper has partnered with Cricut to create #MessagesOfJoy this Christmas.​ You can recreate Katie’s range of designs with the free Design Space app and Cricut Joy, which retails at £179.99 and is available at, Curry’s PC World and Argos. 

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