These areas have seen the largest rise in burglaries this year

These areas have seen the largest rise in burglaries this year

The colder, darker months usually see burglaries increase by 12 per cent. Despite, many of us currently staying home, burglaries are on the rise for the first time this year.

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As a result of lockdown measures, home burglaries dropped by 28 per cent between March and May. However, according to MoneySuperMarket, as lockdown measures have eased burglaries have risen.

On average, home burglaries have risen by 17 per cent around the UK between May and July. Over three quarters for polices, forces in the UK have reported a rise in burglaries.

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Lincolnshire has seen the most significant spike, with the Lincolnshire Police reporting a 102 per cent increase since May. Soth Wales Police reported the second biggest rise in burglaries at 48.26 per cent.

The ONS records reveal that jewellery is the most commonly stolen item from the home, followed by purses and wallets. While a TV came in third place making up 22 per cent of burglaries.

‘With reported burglaries on the rise, it’s important to take measures to reduce your risk. Even with tighter restrictions back in place and people likely spending more time at home again, the need to protect your home is vital,’ advises Kate Devine, head of home insurance at MoneySuperMarket.

Most burgarled areas in the UK 2

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‘Taking simple steps such as securing all doors, locking all windows and adding security cameras can deter opportunists from approaching your property.’

‘If the unthinkable does happen, it’s important to ensure you protect yourself with home and contents insurance. By doing this you will protect your valuable possessions and can rest assured that you will be covered for any damage, loss and theft.’

‘Don’t forget to shop around for the best deal on your home and contents insurance.’

The UK’s burglary claim hotspots

Prior to lockdown  MoneySuperMarket revealed the postcode of B5 as Britain’s top burglary claims hotspot. The central Birmingham postcode which covers Digbeth Highgate and Lee Bank was found to have a rate of 57.14 claims per 1,000 quotes given.

MoneySuperMarket analysed home insurance claims over the last two years to reveal the locations with the highest amount of burglary claims. The postcode B94, also in the midlands, covering Olton and Solihull came in second place with a burglary claim rate of 52.63 per cent. The London postcode of IG5 covering Clayhall snuck into third place with a burglary claim rate of 51.64 per cent.

Most burgled area in the UK

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Britains three major cities dominated the list, with 18 postcodes out of the top 20 found in London, Birmingham and Manchester.  Nine of the top 20 were found to be in Greater London, four in Greater Birmingham and four in Greater Manchester.

However, the suburban area of Send, Ripley, Ockham and Wisely crept into the list with the 17th highest rate of burglary claims at 46.80 per cent. Surprisingly, the only rural area in the list, Broadway in the Cotswolds, ranked 9th with a rate of 47.97 burglary claims.

Overall, burglary claims were shows to have increased by 2.5 per cent since 2018.

‘Our research shows burglary claims are continuing to rise, adding up to £50 to your premium,’ explains Emma Garland, data scientist at MoneySuperMarket. ‘This could be down to burglars targeting more affluent areas, in order to steal desirable and expensive items. People in these areas are often more likely to have home insurance –  simply because they can afford it – so we could see more claims as a result.’

Most burgled areas in the UK 2019

The ONS yearly figures on burglary in 2019, across England and Wales, revealed London as the most burgled area in the UK.

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The figures show that you are almost three times more likely to be a victim of a burglary in London than the rest of the UK. The capital had 60,000 residential burglary reports in the last year, up 9 per cent from 2018.

Greater Manchester took second place as reporting the highest number of home burglaries. 21,774 thefts were reported, but this was down by 7 per cent from last year. The West Midlands and West Yorkshire closely followed in third and fourth position with 21,517 and 19,100 burglaries reported.

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The top four at-risk hotspots, aside from London, had almost double the number of burglaries reported as the rest of the county. However, it will come as a relief to homeowners that in most areas, burglaries seemed to be on the decline.

However, before you let this talk of burglaries put a damper on your January altogether, there are plenty of simple ways to deter intruders. Visible security camera or burglar alarm will usually help send a would-be burglar packing.

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Former burglars have also revealed that a simple ‘beware of the dog’ sign can be enough to think again before breaking into your house.

The simplest deterrent is to get a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on any suspicious goings-on near your property. Also if your neighbour has been feeding the cat get them to wait until your back to return the keys, rather than posting them through the letterbox. Burglars can fish keys out with something as simple as an old wire hanger.

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Where did your hometown land on the list?

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