This surprise money-saving bedding trend is making a comeback this winter

This surprise money-saving bedding trend is making a comeback this winter

Electric blankets have become the latest millennial must-have. The staple of the 1970s bed set-up is making a comeback this winter.

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Research by Silentnight has found that electric blankets ownership are surging among millennials. It found that Brits aged 25 to 34 are the most likely to own an electric blanket.

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The electric blanket’s popularity has waned over the last forty years. However, sales have increased by 400 per cent in the last week alone.

While you might expect the buyers to be predominantly from the older generations, it is the opposite. 48 per cent of the nation’s electric blanket were owned by people between 18 anor34.

Silentnight has attributed the rise in popularity in electric blankets to their low cost to run. Electric blankets are a handy budget heating tip as they can heat a bedroom for just 1p a night.

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‘While you might typically expect electric blankets to be more popular with the elderly, or those who are nostalgic for the 70s and 80s. In fact, they’re becoming something of a heating hack for young Brits who love the cosy atmosphere they create and the bill busting running costs they offer in comparison to traditional central heating or plug-in heaters,’ explains Hayley Chaytor, spokesperson for Silentnight.

The money-saving benefits are great news for students or families operating within a tight budget during the colder months. Especially given that working from home could see energy bills rise by up to 18 per cent this winter.

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If you have been tempted to hop on the electric blanket trend, you can pick up the Silentnight Comfort Control Electric Blanket from £22.99. The blanket includes three heat settings for you to pick your perfect temperature.

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It can be used safely all night and is machine washable.

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If you are looking to make your bed cosier on these cold winter nights, this is the homes trend to try out.

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