Tidy up with these stylish Primark storage baskets fans can't get enough of

Tidy up with these stylish Primark storage baskets fans can't get enough of

Organise your home in style with the Primark storage baskets that shoppers are going wild for.

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Storage solutions are essential for keeping your home organised. Unfortunately, unless you are a fan of plastic or bright colours it can be quite hard to find solutions you’d be happy to show off in your home. Especially, when you’re on a budget.

Luckily Primark has come to our rescue once again with a lovely selection of woven baskets from the new serenity range. You can choose from three designs to help keep your home in order.

However, you’d better get to Primark quick as these storage solutions are already going down a treat with shoppers.


When a photo of the baskets appeared on Instagram it quickly clocked up 17,967 likes, with fans commenting:

‘Love these baskets!’

‘These look amazing’

‘I have the basket which the throw is in it’s lovely!?

Primark storage baskets

Collapsible storage basket

Primark storage solutions 4

The collapsible woven basket is the perfect space to store blankets in the living room. Or hats, gloves and other accessories on top of your wardrobe.

Straw baskets are perfect for adding extra storage on top of your wardrobe. They are light and easy to get down thanks to the handle, not to mention stylish.

Natural woven storage basket set

primark storage baskets 2

For the bathroom or your dressing table opt for the small-sized baskets. You can pick up a pack of 2 natural woven baskets with lids for £12. Use them to store hair accessories, makeup and nail varnishes.

The lids mean these baskets are great for stacking. If you choose to stack them, keep the heavy items in the bottom basket and lighter items in the top.

Buy in store: Natural Woven Baskets, £12 for 2, Primark

Storage basket set

Primark storage baskets 1

You can also  pick up a pack of three baskets without lids for £7. These taller and sturdier baskets are perfect for housing make-up brushes and organising other bathroom essentials.

Buy in store: 3pk Baskets, £7, Primark

You can pick all the baskets up in-store along with the rest of the Primark serenity range, including their super soft new towels.

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Will you be organising your home with these Primark baskets this weekend?

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