Total modular sofas by Part & Whole

Total modular sofas by Part & Whole

Dezeen Showroom: Canadian design company Part & Whole has designed a modular sofa system called Total that adopts circular economic principles.

Total consists of upholstered modules that can be combined in various configurations and adapted to changing needs.

Every component is also removable, repairable or replaceable, helping to reduce waste while extending the product’s lifespan.

A dusky pink sofa with a chaise longue by Part & Whole
Part & Whole has designed a modular seating system

“We latched onto this idea of designing a sofa that could stay in use indefinitely by focusing on flexibility, service and repair,” explained Part & Whole founder Nathan Martell.

“Through the lens of circular design and with a focus on disassembly, we arrived at a system where each component can be easily repaired or replaced and the product itself can evolve and adapt over the course of its lifespan.”

A large corner sofa with dusky pink upholstery
The system can be used to create corner sofas

The Total system can be used to create four seating types including a standalone chair, straight-back sofa and two larger corner sofas.

The sofas can be made in different sizes and configurations depending on the number of combined modules and paired with an integrated side table.

A straight back sofa with grey upholstery by Part & Whole
Grey is one of four available upholstery colours

The modules are linked together via their slender steel structures, which are exposed across each unit.

Total’s woollen upholstery is available in four colours – navy blue, dusky pink and dark or light grey.

Product: Total
Brand: Part & Whole
Contact: [email protected]

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