Utility room flooring ideas – including vinyl, water-resistant laminate and more

Utility room flooring ideas – including vinyl, water-resistant laminate and more

Just like the kitchen, a utility room is a super practical space where every design element, including flooring, should be well-considered. Thanks to modern designs there are now a wealth of utility room flooring ideas, to suit every space and taste.

‘When choosing flooring for your utility room, the main focus will no doubt be practicality’ says Inga Morris-Blincoe at Lifestyle Floors. ‘As well as being waterproof and easy to clean, you should look for a floor with a long wear warranty. Nobody wants the disruption of moving furniture and disturbing piping to replace a failed or simply unsuitable floor from around washing machines and other equipment.’

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But being practical doesn’t mean the flooring can’t be pretty, too, as Inga points out. ‘There are some gorgeous wood, tile and even abstract designs available in waterproof LVT, vinyl, and even water-resistant laminates. Finding the perfect functional and handsome floor need not be another household chore.’

See our selection of the best flooring ideas to inspire your utility room style…

Utility room flooring ideas

1. Make a style statement with pattern

Image credit: Carpetright , Mardi Gras Estrella Vinyl £17.99 per Sq m; County Sunburst Blue Circle Rug from £69.99

We’ve pointed out that practical can be pretty too, as this vinyl flooring perfectly demonstrates. The striking pattern features a trellis-like design of black stars, white stripes and blue squares to form a geometric finish. The tiled effect means you can achieve the look of ceramic tiles, but it won’t feel chilly underfoot while you carry out your daily chores.

A patterned vinyl is a great way to nail the style with ease, while providing extra durability. Backed by a 5 year wear guarantee, this design is crafted to maintain its beautiful look for years to come.

2. Welcome warmth with wood

wood-effect vinyl utility room flooring idea

Image credit: Lifestyle Floors, Colosseum Spruce Luxury Vinyl Tile, from £32.49 per sq m

Lay a wood-effect vinyl as a suitable solution when it comes to adding the feel of classic wood warmth. ‘Traditional laminate must be kept dry, which makes it tricky to care for in an area where spills, stains and mud are inevitable,’ explains Inga at Lifestyle Floors. ‘However, there are several water-resistant laminates available now, including our Love Aqua range, which are even suitable for bathrooms. This makes them a perfect choice for your utility room if you are looking for a beautiful wood-effect floor.’

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3. Create a classic country scene with stone

Light grey utility room with black wall and stone flooring

Image credit: Neptune

For creating that traditional scullery vibe go for a a timeless flagstone floor tile. Favoured for hundreds of years stone flooring is undisputedly one of the chicest original styles around. If you don’t have underfloor heating just be mindful that it can feel cold underfoot – you can counteract that by laying natural woven rugs, to finish the look perfectly.

To give your country-style utility room a contemporary edge, paint the walls black, to add a striking contrast to the light flooring and pale cabinetry.

4. Keep it simple

light grey vinyl utility room flooring

Image credit: Quick-Step, Minimal Light Grey Vinyl Floor from the Ambient Click Plus collection from £35.99 per sq m

Keep things simple. A hardy vinyl in light grey adds enough of an on-trend colour yet still feels like a blank canvas to prevent the room from feeling too cluttered. Simple and light flooring is an ideal small utility room idea because pale coloured flooring helps brighten up small spaces, creating an illusion of space by keeping the look airy.

5. Add signature style

Stone-effect vinyl utility room flooring

image credit: Leoline, Rocky vinyl floor from The Ceramica Collection from £21 per sq m

While utility rooms are functional, they don’t need to be boring. Even when the room is all-white, which feels clean and simple, use the floor to add a touch of style.

‘With such a variety of flooring choices, there’s now a wealth of finishes and materials that can be used to add a signature floor’ say the experts at Leoline. ‘Vinyl and laminate floors can now replicate the look of poured concretes, stone, tile and wood and come in a variety of painted and colour choices.’

6. Choose slip resistance for safety

Image credit: Leoline, Ferro vinyl floor from The Luxury Trends Collection from £19 per sq m

Choose a flooring that offers durability and practical purpose for a utility room – as this is where you are most likely to be coming and going a lot, potentially laden down with armfuls of laundry or baskets etc. A non-slip design will help to add a level of assurance as you frantically go about your household tasks.

Durability is ultimately key to ensure the flooring stands up to the strains of busy home life. Look for floors that offer a wear protective layer, water-proofing and slip resistance design credentials. If unsure, order samples to test at home before you commit.

7. Ensure easy maintenance

Image credit: Future Plc

‘Sounds obvious, but choosing a floor that doesn’t collect mud and dirt is an easy way to keep your utility space clean,’ says a spokesperson for Quick-Step. ‘This is especially important if your utility room is an entrance spot from your garden. Floors such as vinyls and laminates with secure fit systems are a great choice as it eliminates accumulation of dirt between tile and board joints.’

A non-fussy floor provides an easy to clean solution, which is a must for a busy traffic area.

8. Weatherproof your chosen surface

utility boot room

Image credit: David Still

Whether you use your utility as a kitchen over-spill, a laundry or a boot room the space will be prone to spills and splashes, so water resistance should be considered when selecting flooring. ‘If you’re choosing a laminate, make sure it’s a water resistant specification,’ advise the experts at Quick-Step.

‘Laminate floors are not all water-resistant, so careful selection avoids water or splashes soaking between planks and causing warping. For vinyl floors, water is easily tackled by wiping up spills. Hint: Whatever the floor, avoid leaving spills to sit for prolonged periods as this will help prevent staining or warping.

How to choose flooring for your utility room

It’s important to choose flooring for your utility room with practicality in mind. ‘Nobody wants to have to panic about a drip of water when pre-rinsing washing,’ remarks Inga Morris-Blincoe at Lifestyle Floors. ‘Or go through a rigorous scrubbing routine to remove the inevitable mud that flakes off football boots.’

‘There are three main types of flooring we would recommend for utility rooms: luxury vinyl tile (LVT), vinyl, and water-resistant laminate’ Inga explains. ‘All of these are easy to clean, water resistant or waterproof and are available with long wear warranties.’

utility room shelving unit

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

“Vinyl is a popular choice for utility rooms because it is 100 per cent waterproof and can prove great value. Modern vinyl also has some incredibly realistic wood, tile and even abstract designs. And is now available with up to a lifetime wear warranty, which is a brilliant bonus for a room that is often put through its paces.’

‘Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is ever-growing in popularity and it is easy to see why. Supplied in individual planks similar to laminate, the range of super realistic designs has no bounds, with tiles, mosaics, inlay strips, and different laying patterns such as herringbone all available. It is also suitable for underfloor heating, meaning your utility room will never be a cold draughty spot where washing will struggle to dry.’

‘LVT is often seen as more expensive, but for a high-quality, incredibly beautiful and 100 per cent waterproof floor it could be well worth the investment for your utility room. As the popularity of this option has grown, so has the range of choices available. Affordable and great quality LVTs are now available from independent flooring retailers nationwide.’

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